COVID-19 Your safety is our business – A message from our Director

COVID-19 Your safety is our business – A message from our Director

As our valued client, we would like to update you with the precautions and actions that Veraspec is taking due to the escalating COVID-19 situation.

We, like many other companies, are currently adapting our working arrangements to help slow the spread of COVID-19, while ensuring that the service and support for our customers continues to be provided with no, or minimal, disruption during this time of uncertainty.

The Health and Safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients and the public is our priority

Veraspec is regularly monitoring the progress of COVID-19 across the globe and following the advice and recommendations of Australian Government and World Health Organisation (WHO).

We can reassure you that Veraspec currently has no employee cases of COVID-19, and we intend to continue operating our business, servicing our clients and protecting the health and well-being of all employees, subcontractors, clients and the public.

Evolving measures to ensure no risk of virus enters your sites

We are proactively working with employees and clients on how we best manage the situation and mitigate the risk and it includes not letting any worker with any potential risk of the virus onto Veraspec sites or customer sites.

We have established an internal taskforce with relevant staff members to ensure our arrangements and procedures are implemented in a timely, adequate and appropriate matter.

Good hygiene practices are being promoted throughout our offices and onsite teams, with hand washing/sanitizer products and cleaning products being supplied to prevent contamination and any employee returning from international travel will self-isolate for 14 days. We continuously monitor the Government’s guidance and instruction on any further measures to take.

24/7 support for routine and emergency works

Our teams in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are committed to delivering a high quality, safe and reliable service. We endeavour to provide the same level of service you expect when working with us.

Our phone lines remain open 24/7, all office-based staff are working and our onsite crews are on the tools to complete your projects with the same focus of safety and quality.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Head Office or the designated representative for your state.

Interstate Travel and Video Meetings

We have the technology and capability to work remotely, if needed, and we are continuously developing our business continuity plan to ensure our customers’ needs will be addressed, and our business operations will continue.

From 16th of March 2020, we have started replacing face to face meetings with phone or video calls. Our business continuity plans to ensure our operations can continue without interruption.


Calls answered by a real human 24/7, 365 days a year

Head Office  ~  07 3535 1262 ~  admin.aus@veraspec.com

There is obviously a great deal of uncertainty for organisations to navigate due to the escalating situation with COVID-19. However, what is clear is that in times such as these, collaboration and communication becomes even more important. To that extent, I encourage you to maintain an open dialogue with your designated representative for your state, or the staff in our Brisbane Head Office, should you have any questions regarding our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it may have on your current or potential projects.

As the situation develops and we have further updates, we will keep you closely informed.

Sean Andersen

Managing Director