“Your experts in extreme façade solutions.”


Veraspec is proud to be recognised both Australia-wide and globally as an industry leader when it comes to glazing, cladding and fixings at extreme height in high-risk environments.

Veraspec is the culmination of three generations of pioneering glazing and facade solution experience. From humble beginnings as a family glass and glazing company based in Brisbane, Australia, Veraspec has evolved into a multi-disciplinary company with branches in New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia, and more recently Dubai.

Extreme Façade Solutions

We specialise in facade defect auditing, optimisation, and remediation works involving glazing and cladding on existing high-rise buildings and other complex structures. We have an experienced team who are equipped to deliver customised solutions across glass facades, curtain walls, atrium glazing, glass roofs and beyond. We apply our expertise and experience as pioneering innovators in the sector to fabricate specialised equipment to improve safety, increase productivity, and solve seemingly impossible problems for our clients.

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Facade Defect Auditing

We provide a full building façade inspections service including the provision of the Building Facade Manager (BFM), which is a digital platform designed and developed by Veraspec. It is an invaluable addition to our ever-evolving tech toolkit which allows us to audit and manage building facades. BFM generates a dynamic 3D interface so users can interact with building facades. It is especially useful when working at extreme height, as it equips us with the capacity to demonstrate the nuances of the work we are undertaking. By uploading data throughout a project, clients can see progress in real-time.

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Cladding (ACP) Replacement

Across Australia, building owners and managers have been dealing with a crisis with residential and commercial high rises being found to facades containing dangerous highly combustible cladding. Veraspec is the trusted and established industry specialist in Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) cladding replacement. As legislation and standards are subject to change, Veraspec is uniquely placed to communicate with stakeholders and ensure all activities meet or exceed compliance requirements.

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Facade Remedial Works

We stand by our workmanship. We are solution-orientated problem solvers who utilise pioneering methodologies and techniques to complete the job for longevity, optimisation, value, and quality.

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Height Access

We are committed to delivering world-class solutions that meet at the intersection of safety, value, and structural and aesthetic integrity for peace of mind. Our team of qualified professionals is experienced in delivering innovative, site-specific solutions at height in dynamic, high-risk environments. From the highest building peak to the most complex building facade, we can reach it.

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Great pride is taken from ensuring that we provide the best level of service available at all stages of our work; from your initial enquiry to the completion of your job.